Cluster network meeting dates for 2010

Meeting 2: August 20th See registration details @ Info and registration updated

Meeting 1: April 29th See registration details @ Info and registration postdated

Welcome to the BOP Cluster Network Meeting wiki. This is your area, so we invite you to contribute to this community online.

You are invited to edit this space. Please log in and click on EDIT THIS PAGE to add relevant text, images, files or embedded media. Anyone interested in their own learning will also be involved in contributing to these sessions. A big welcome to our three new clusters iTeam (Tauranga), Tauranga Moana (Tauranga) and Rotorua Central Schools Cluster (Rotorua).

Project directors and facilitators in this BOP region:

Lorraine Watchorn, project co-director and facilitator, RELLCO Cluster
Roger Dempster, Project Co-Director, RELLCO and Principal, Lynmore School
Noel More, Co-Director of PeaK-ICT and Principal Putauaki School
Ray McGuire, Co-Director of PeaK-ICT and Principal, Kawerau North
Jeanette Murphy facilitator, PeaK-ICT Cluster, Kawerau Schools
Jacqui Patuawa, principal Welcome Bay Primary and co-project director Te Whakatipuranga Hou Cluster
Nikki Keys, deputy principal Welcome Bay Primary and co-project director Te Whakatipuranga Hou Cluster
Paula Jamieson, facilitator Te Whakatipuranga Hou Cluster

Lynley Jobe, project director Matamata District ICT Cluster
Judi Buckley, facilitator Matamata DistrICT Cluster
Simon Drewery, principal Waihi Central, project director Waihi Cluster Schools
Jan-Marie Kellow, facilitator Waihi Cluster Schools, Peninsula Rural ICT PD Cluster
Sharon Williams, principal Te Rerengna School, project director Peninsula Rural ICT PD Cluster
Rebecca Trafford project director, Cluster for higher learning
Ivan Lomax, facilitator, Cluster for higher learning
Nancy McFarlane, project director, Rotorua Central Schools cluster
Jan Tinetti, Dave Merton, project directors, Tauranga Moana Cluster
Fiona Hawes, project director, iTeam Cluster
Alan Dawson - Facilitator Rotorua-Town and Country Cluster
Tessa Gray, national facilitator
Kathe Tawhiwhirangi-Perry, national facilitator
Jill Hammonds national facilitator

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