In attendance today
Lorraine, Marion, Wendy, Jeanette, Sharon, Judy, Lyn, Lynley, Carolyn, Paula, Tessa, Kathe, Liz, Jennifer

Warm up activity:
  • Find a buddy - either using a 1-4 rating and/or a 'What's on Top' to share your story (either in an ICT PD frame or a personal slant)
  • Chat with someone you don't know!
  • Be prepared to introduce your buddy back to the wider group

Recommended reading (Thanks Lorraine)
The hidden world of learners - Graham Nutall (1997)
The hidden lives of learners
- Graham Nuttal (2007)

Self assessment rubrick
  • Historically ICT PD did not have a frame in which to gauge areas
  • Alongside Principals/Facilitators etc
  • NOT a compliant driven process
  • Is a SUPPORTIVE document to be utilised by you in whichever way

Overview - Across all areas
Stage 5
School culture reflects robust risk-taking, n-going learning dialogue with strong links to research which improved teachers practice to ultimately impact on student learning and achievement. Teachers continue to model life-long learning skills
  • high end innovation level
  • rather than an imposition - experiment in your classrooms
  • you would see in classrooms
  • level of understanding (ICT PD newsletter)
  • Driving your own learning
  • Connection between student learning
  • curious students / wondering in their own world
  • what the teachers are doing the students are doing and vice versa
  • ePotential continuim link & ICT PD newsletter link to be added
  • staff mtgs will have discussions about learning
  • tchrs will be actively involved in their own action research
  • vision for learning will be driving the
  • NOTE: Why have ICT in level 5 when its all about culture of change
  • richnes and rigor
Where would we get the resources for.....
  • Readings
  • Practice is linked to research
  • Modelling

Pooling resources based on Rubric...

Teacher continuum resources

Ways to progress through the e-potential continuum.

ICT PD newsletters with links to teacher continuums
31 July 2009 - Focus: Holistic learning theory, teacher readiness and adoption of ICTs
14 August 2009 - Focus: Levels of Technology Integration models and Multiple Intelligences
28 August 2009 - Focus: Levels of Technology Integration and Learning styles
Readiness for change resources

Jeanette's wiki page on change

Online safety considerations:
Digital dossier movie

Variation Support Material
Jing - can record your voice while you're talking and captures all everything on screen
Can then save as a video
Can embed!! :-)
(Download the programme - screen selection / records instructional videos

With a buddy
1. View the Variation doc
2. Listen to Jing
3. Support material available
4. Samples of

Online survey - PD, PF, P's
  • If area cannot be answered - leave the space blank!
  • Gathering data and evidence
  • Involve school leaders in gathering this data rather than the sole responsibility being left to the PF

  • Why are we using these tools/
  • Who are the audience?
  • Do we have policies in place?
  • Public forum
  • Stalking & bullying online
  • What does your digital footprint look like? (Google yourself and find out!!
  • If you have spaces that are connected - a comment/photo can go to all spaces
  • Youtube: Digital dossier
  • Youtube locked down at schools between certain hours: Download what you need, archive, share in a class session

Sustainability (Lyn and the eBest cluster site)
  • Decide at the start what/how you can sustain the connectedness and momentum post contract
  • In some instances - P's find the ICT PD foreign
  • Step 1: Decide what you want to sustain: As a school; as an ICT cluster (ICT Leadership / School wide focus / Reflect often / Strategic & upgrade planning / Effective Pedagogy / PD & PL as a Cluster.....)
  • Management meetings to continue
  • Visit other schools - generated questions around how they did what they did
  • eBest ICT Cluster Sustainability Action Plan

Opportunity looks bigger going, than coming!!

Rocky's E-learning BOP wiki link