Agenda items

Introduction activity: 'Who are we/us/them/you?' - Kathe Tawhiwhirangi-Perry

Digital Resources to Support Learning - presentation by Rocky Jensen
Software for Learning

Brief Admin - a sample milestone will be available to see how evidence can be gathered. This year we're looking for succinct, meaty milestones with the evidence sections completed by each school. Have you downloaded the 2010 Admin Handbook and the milestone template for Milestone 1,3 or 5 ? A quick look at where they are located in ICT PD Online.

Role based discussions - a chance to meet with others in similar roles eg facilitators to discuss issues specific to those roles. A resource to aid discussions will be the key lessons learned by people in specific roles from the annual ICT PD survey and exiting cluster survey.

Non agenda sharing - see below for some ideas. The rest of course are yours!

Close 2.30pm

Possible discussion topics/ themes non agenda session

(please indicate your interest in specific topics when filling in the registration form)
Ethical issues around the use of online tools
Sharing of cluster resources, urls
Current research on interventions and impact on student learning
Current research on teacher professional development
Time to look at ICT PD modules from this year
Strategies and systems for setting up new clusters
Local researchers, e-fellows sharing
National standards
School curriculum
Effective clusters
SOLO taxonomy and effective pedagogy
Literacy and e-learning
Managing change
Developing or accessing a register of schools 'worthy' of visiting with focused teacher groups
The new curriculum linked authentic models of learning.
Core's Top ten trends