Proposed Agenda

Intro: A PMI from each of us in regard to the 'state' of our contracts at this moment in time

Alternative opening activity 'People Bingo'
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Welcome and introductions
ICT PD self-assessment rubric - tool for informing cluster review and deciding on next steps. Walkthrough and feedback on use so far by clusters

Morning tea

Processes for writing variations and for exiting clusters (split into two groups - see cluster lists below for your group). Exiting clusters possibly may wish to discuss sustainability issues and ideas. For more go to Sustainability folder in ICT PD Online

Annual survey (now required to be filled in by all directors, facilitators and principals each year). Walkthrough and chance for questions
A look at the upcoming milestone template and lessons to be learned from first round of milestones.

Sharing/ discussion time for all attendees (see ideas below for possible topics or add your own when completing the registration form).


2:30pm Final farewells

Two groups middle session

Clusters writing variations ...............................
Exiting clusters ..........................................
Te Whakatipuranga Hou ICTPD Cluster
Waihi Schools Cluster
RELLCO Cluster
PEAK ICT Cluster
Matamata DistrICT Cluster
E-Best Cluster
Waimarino Cluster
Peninsula Rural ICT PD Cluster

Possible discussion topics/ themes for 1:40pm session

(please indicate your interest in specific topics when filling in the registration form)
Ethical issues around the use of online tools
Sharing of cluster resources, urls
Current research on interventions and impact on student learning
Current research on teacher professional development
Time to look at ICT PD modules from this year
Strategies and systems for setting up new clusters
Local researchers, e-fellows sharing
National standards
School curriculum
Effective clusters
SOLO taxonomy
Managing change
Developing or accessing a register of schools 'worthy' of visiting with focused teacher groups
The new curriculum linked authentic models of learning.
Sustainability beyond contract